What is Super Titanium ?

What is Super Titanium ?

Crystolac Super Titanium is a revolutionary product currently on the market. This product is made of a special type of cement that does not scratch surfaces. This unique product can be laying on walls or floors, giving you a long lasting and unique semi-gloss finish. It is very easy product to use and apply. Super Titanium comes in two parts and should be coated with a putty handle. How to mix and all the instructions are given below. Available in 13 colors

Complete process and instructions
guide of Super titanium !

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C.C Constructions PVT LTD is one of the leading construction materials manufacturer (under trade name of Crystolac) and service provider in Sri Lanka, which headquatered in Kohuwala Sri Lanka. C.C Constructions PVT LTD has been recognized as one of the largest and top quality construction service provider and construction products manufacturer in Sri Lanka. We have a wide range of products and services offered to the construction industry. we are doing macra painting, outsides walls rooftop and bathroom waterproofing products and Crystolac Super Titanium Special Effect Decorative Wall & Floor Paste is our another revolutionary product in the leading Market. It is an easy to apply, special effect wall and floor paste. It gives you maximum freedom for your wall or floor decorating. in this 8 years, we’ve become one of the leading construction materials manufacturer and service provider in Sri lanka. Starting as a small-scale entity, we’ve introduced a vast range of new products to the construction industry in Sri Lanka, within this 8 years long period. Also, our products has been used in many counties. We are working to become a leader in the production of Super Titanium Special Effects Plaster and Waterproofing Products.

Crystolac is an affiliated product of the mother company of crystolac which is popular both locally and internationally. Super Titanium (Pvt) Ltd product home and decorative finishing product are some of the affiliated companies and product of crystolac. The speciality of us Super Titanium is the maintaining the international level standard of the packing and also being very healthy and ECO freindly product. We currently have won no included heavy metal certificate. Gold and Silver color paints are manufactured specially for special effects. we are doing large scale of products and we can supply in very good price which will be benefited the Sri Lankan construction and craft and fabric coloring industries. Super Titanium is the only high quality high strenght modified cement and polymer base product. There are 12 main colors and 30 other colors. If you want special effects,we have wide range of super titanium paste for get special effects.
The benefits of super titanium is, Durability and no cracks. This is widely used in the construction industry and has great potential. This product is use in England, Nepal, Maldives also.
Distribution of the product arround the country is much easier since Super Titanium is a sub company of the popular brands. Crystloac Water Proof brand. Crystolac Super Coat and Crystochem and many of our branches are situated island wide. Super Titanium can be bought for a very reasonable price at any of our branches.

Colour Card

Here is our Color Card

Color Shades

Use the rates given in the color shade card to make the colors printed in color shade card

Stain Colors

Paste Metalic Colors

Paste Basic Colors

Wood Paste Colors

How To Use ?

The Floor or the wall need to be washed ,cleaned of all dust an dirt and allow to dry before applying. Especially when applying on smooth surfaces, first sand it from a grinding machine & after that apply CW 40 Bonding Agent. Then 15 minutes later can applying the super titanium paste.

Add 2.5 Ltr Super titanium polymer for 5kg super titanium powder to prepare the super titanium mixer. Put 2.5 Ltr super titanium polymer in to pail first and then super titanium powder should be mixed with super titanium polymer. Mechanical mixing is necessary for it. ( A slow speed 400rpm heavy duty electric drill with a wing type recommended )Mixed Quantity should be applied with 30 minutes.

After applying the first coat better to apply the second coat after two hours. Its better to apply the second coat after two hours since you applied the first coat . After two hours once you applied the second coat ,the third coat can apply by increasing the polymer liquids and after that cut it from sand papers. Once you are applying the third coat mixed high amount of polymer liquids & it will fill the small rough places including holes. Then the smoothing process doing by sand papers also limited.

Where To Use ?

Where To Use ?

This can be applied on timber, Plywood board, permanent wood partition & wooden tiles. To apply this clean the surface, then make it rough using a grinder and apply Bonding Agent. Finally Titanium can be Applied.

If you intend to apply Titanium on a smooth cement Floor or Tiled floor, cut using a grinder to make the floor more rough, Then you can apply bonding agent to make ideal surface for titanium application.

Super Titanium Mixture can be applied in different instances, To apply it in right way always get instructions from Super Titanium Team.

In case of applying Super Titanium on gypson board, Ceiling Board & timber it is necessary to seal the gap between those surfaces. Use DP paintable sealer to seal. When fixing use Joint net. Now you can apply Bonding agent and then Titanium.

Can be applied on wood. Can be applied on Plywood Board, wood partition and wooden floor. Clean the surface well and make the it rough. Then apply bonding agent before Titanium.

Advantages of
Crystolac Super Titanium

Advantages of
Crystolac Super Titanium


Resistant to 25-160 °C after drying


Using Crystolac Super Titanium can reduce costs by up to 40% over other tile and wood flooring.


Can be easily carried. Also, anyone can apply. (For advice on how to apply, consult Titanium)


It dries quickly, saving time. Super Titanium Powder and Polymer do not contain any harmful chemicals.
Decomposes quickly when added to the external environment.


En 17 and En 71 are health certified and Super Titanium Polymer or Powder does not contain any environmentally harmful chemicals. If contact on eye, wash it off with running water for about 5 minutes and see a doctor if complications occur.
As this is a Cement Powder, it can cause about 1% allergy even if it is on the skin surface for a long time. In that case, wash thoroughly with soap and see a suitable doctor.

Super Titanium Design Paste

Super Titanium Design Paste

Crystolac Super Titanium Design Paste is a strong color paste that can be applied well on different colored Titanium surfaces. It makes it easy for you to make different shapes and blends dark and light colors well. A strong coating that gives a good finish.

Main Colors

Silver Gold Antic Color

Metalic Color

Super Titanium Stain

Super Titanium Stain

If you want a Super Titanium with slightly darker color, or you want to create walls and floor in different colors, you can use Stain. Available colors- Mahogani, larch teak, Bearma Teak, Walnut, Jackwood, Black, Red and Green. These are not damaged by sun and rain and have a very high durability. Follow these instructions for application stain.

Super Titanium Wood

Super Titanium Wood

You can use Super Titanium Wood Paste Instead of using existing Super Titanium stain. It is now easier to make the color light or dark easily.


When you going to create a Super Titanium wood design on a floor, Wall or ceiling it can be difficult to use stains. It is easy to use Super Titanium Paste as it is thick and easy to apply correctly .

How to Apply


Clean the Surface first.


Apply 3 coats of Super Titanium Coat and apply Super Titanium Stain on the same surface before application of Top Coat.

Available Size

565 ml


Super Titanium stain is absorbed by the surface and makes a strong light color. When you creating a wood design , The color is light oftenly. In case of making a sapwood or heartwood design dark color should be applied while using both Super Titanium Stain & Super Titanium Paste for making wood colors.

The dark color can be made easily using Super Titanium Wood Paste. If you need to use Super titanium paste in the way you apply Super Titanium stain on the floor as the first coat you can mix Top coat liquid to make the color darker or lighter. Then Finally apply Top Coat twice.

Where to Apply

Available Colors


Super Titanium Top Coat

Super Titanium Top Coat

Wall Top coat is A coating applied to the surface to protect the titanium layer. This provides extra protection after the titanium top coat, greatly reducing discoloration, dirt bonding, and various stains. This is often used only for titanium walls. This Coating can give the titanium surface a very shiny finish.

Crystolac Wax

Crystolac Wax

Super Titanium Wax is a durable coating with a special, paraffin wax compound to protect the surface and gloss after top coating.

Available Pack Sizes

400 grm, 800grm, 1600 grm

ටයිටේනියම් මතුපිට වැක්ස් කිරීමට ඔබ පැළිපැදිය යුතු කරුණු මොනවාද?

ඔබ ටයිටේනියම් මතුපිටක් වැක්ස් කල යුත්තේ ඇයි?
ඔබගේ ටයිටේනියම් පෘෂ්ඨය ආරක්ෂා කර ගැනීම හා සුමුසු දීප්තිමත් මතුපිටක් ලබාගැනීම සදහා ටයිටේනියම් මතුපිටක් වැක්ස් කල යුතුය. නිවැරදිව වැක්ස් නොකිරීම තුලින් ඇතිවිය හැකි හානිදායක ප්‍රතිඵලය කුමක් වේද?
ඔබ ටයිටේනියම් මතුපිට වැඩි අලංකරණයන් සදහා වැක්ස් තෝරාගන්නේ නම් හොදින් සැලකිල්ලට භාජනය කල යුතු කරුණු කීපයක් ඇත.

නැතිනම්, ටොප්කෝට් ආරක්ෂිත ආලේපනය කල පසු වැක්ස් කිරීම තුලින් පෘෂ්ඨය අලංකරණය නැති වීමට ඉඩ ඇත. එය වළක්වා ගැනීමට පහත කරුණු දෙස අවධානය යොමු කරන්න.

  1. වැක්ස් කිරීමට පෙර මතුපිට හොදින් වියළී තිබේ දැයි බලන්න.
  2. වැක්ස් කිරීමට පෙර ගන්නා වැක්ස් වර්ගය හොදින් පරීක්ෂා කර බලන්න. බලන්න.
  3. වැක්ස් කිරීමට පෙර වැක්ස් වල වර්ණය ගැන සැළකිලිමත් වන්න.
  4. ක්‍රිස්ටොලැක් වැක්ස් ආලේපනය කරනවා නම් පලමු ආලේපනය ඉතා තුනීයට අලේප කරන්න. ටර්පන්ටයින් දැමීමට අවශ්‍යය නොවේ.
  5. වැක්ස් කරපු මතුපිට විනාඩි 30ක කාලයක් වියළීමට තබන්න.
  6. වැක්ස් කිරීමට ගන්නා උපකරණ ගැන හො`දින් සැලකිලිමත් වන්න. ඔබගේ මැෂින් එක Industrial ආකාරයේ මැෂින් එකක් නම් ඉතා සුදුසුය.
  7. ඔබ වැක්ස් කිරීමට ගන්නා වැක්ස් පෑඩ් ගැන හොදින් සැළකිලිමත් වන්න. පළමු කෙදි සහිත පෑඩයෙන් කරන්නේ වැක්ස් එක තුනී කිරීම පමණයි. දෙවන පෑඩයෙන් කරන්නේ ටයිටේනියම් මතුපිට දීප්තිය ලබාගැනීමයි. එය වූල් සහිත සුදු පෑඩයක් විය යුතුය.
  8. ඔබ මෙවැනි පොලිෂ් වාර 3ක් කිරීම අත්‍යවශ්‍ය වේ. මෙවැනි නිවැරදි වැක්ස් කිරීම් තුලින් ඔබට සිදුවිය හැකි අයහපත් ප්‍රතිඵල මගහරවා ගත හැක.
  9. ඔබ බාල වර්ගයේ වැක්ස් එකක් භාවිතා කල හෝ පෙර වැක්ස් කල ලේයර් එකක් ඇත්නම් එය හොදින් සෝදා යැවීමට ක්‍රිස්ටොලැක් වැක්ස් ක්ලීනර් හෝ ක්‍රිස්ටොලැක් මොෆින් එක යොදා කෙදි සහිත පෑඩයෙන් මතුපිට පිරිසිදු කරගත යුතුය.
විශේෂ කරුණු

හොද, සුමුදු දීප්තිමත් මතුපිටක් වැක්ස් කිරීම තුලින් ලබාගැනීමට ඉහත කරුණු සැළකිල්ලට භාජනය කරන්න. ඒ වගේම තෙත සහිත පොළොවේ හා වැඩිපුර වැක්ස් අතුරා ඇති පොළොවක හා බූමිතෙල් වැනි ද්‍රාවණයන් කලවම් කරපු වැක්ස් ද්‍රාවණ හෝ බාල වර්ගයේ වැක්ස් ද්‍රාවණයන් ආලේප කිරීම තුලින් මතුපිට දිස්නය ලබාගැනීම ඉතා අපහසුය.

Titanium Floor Cleaners

Titanium Floor Cleaners

Crystolac Paint Remover

When a paint liquid such as emulsion, weather shield or water base falls on the titanium surface, a paint remover is used to remove it. This prevents damage to the titanium surface.

Crystolac Floor Mopping

On the coated titanium surface, this solvent can remove daily accumulated dirt and germs. This prevents damage to the titanium surface.

Crystolac Floor Cleaners

Crystolac Floor Cleaners is a special solvent that can quickly disintegrate due to hard stains and dirt on the titanium surface.

What is
Super Titanium Base Coat

What is
Super Titanium Base Coat

Super Titanium Base Coat is a high-strength, non-abrasive floor or wall surface coating. This coating minimizes cracks in the floor and gives a smooth surface. (Applying this reduces your titanium cost by 30%)

How To Maintain
Crystolac Super Titanium Floor

How To Maintain
Crystolac Super Titanium Floor

Read this leaflet and follow the instructions to avoid any problems you may face while using a titanium surface finish.

Download Document from Here !

Brands Powered by
Super Titanium

Brands Powered by
Super Titanium

Crystolac is one of the leading construction materials manufacturers and service provider in Sri Lanka, which headquatered in Kohuwala - Sri Lanka. Established on 2011, we have grown and changed with the construction and construction products manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka...

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“MACRA” With the meaning of “The highest achievement of the sun” is an affiliated product of ‘”Crystolac group” which is popular both locally and internationally.

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Titanium Super Coat is a 2 part ( Liquid Polymer and blended Cementous powder ) pre packed system. These 2 parts should be mix together to gain a paste .This Paste can be applied by using a trowel .This Layer is very smooth and slurry with excellent bonding to most surfaces .The product based on selected modified blended..

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