How To Use?


The Floor or the wall need to be washed ,cleaned of all dust an dirt and allow to dry before applying. Especially when applying on smooth surfaces, first sand it from a grinding machine & after that apply CW 40 Bonding Agent. Then 15 minutes later can applying the super titanium paste.


Add 2.5 Ltr Super titanium polymer for 5kg super titanium powder to prepare the super titanium mixer. Put 2.5 Ltr super titanium polymer in to pail first and then super titanium powder should be mixed with super titanium polymer. Mechanical mixing is necessary for it.( A slow speed 400rpm heavy duty electric drill with a wing type recommended )Mixed Quantity should be applied with 30 minutes.


After applying the first coat better to apply the second coat after two hours. Its better to apply the second coat after two hours since you applied the first coat . After two hours once you applied the second coat ,the third coat can apply by increasing the polymer liquids and after that cut it from sand papers. Once you are applying the third coat mixed high amount of polymer liquids & it will fill the small rough places including holes. Then the smoothing process doing by sand papers also limited.


After the first and second application, sanding by gauge no 100 - 120 sand paper and after the third application, sanding by gauge no 320 – 400 sand paper . Again sanding by gauge no 800 sand paper for shinning the surface .After sanding surface must be clean and dust free .After cleaning ,Applying 3 coat of titanium top coat ( Mix with water in 1 : ½ ratio )Dry allow about 5 hours ,Sanding with Gauge no 1000 sand paper & dust free. Then Apply wax & polish the area using polisher machine. It will give you smooth and shiny surface.

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