Macra Design Stencil Blocks


Super titanium design stencil block is a special type of design blocks used to create different shapes and designs for titanium floors and walls. It is very easy to create different types of flowers, leaves, trees, ornamental carvings, animals, traditional designs.


How to use Super titanium Macra Design Stencil Blocks for the designs

Before coating the titanium top coat , stick the Super Titanium Macra design stencil block to both sides with masking tape so that it does not move. Then apply a small amount of Super Titanium paste on the holes in the block with a small brush.

how to make different creeper designs in to the single product

First, after coloring the stencil block, remove and wash it thoroughly, then finish the first set of shapes correctly. This is how you can make a shape chain.

Top Coat after the shaping

Finish the design using Super titanium Macra design stencil blocks and after 3 hours apply a suitable top coat with a sandpaper of 800 thickness to smooth out the roughness.


Advantages of super titanium Macra design stencil blocks

Super titanium Macra design stencil blocks

Super Titanium Macra design stencil blocks are plastic so they can be cleaned and reused.

Available in 50 different sizes and prices.

If you want to finish the design with 3D design stencil blocks, apply a little bit of titanium design paste on the stencil block with a slotted spoon. Then slowly remove the stencil block. Let the design dry for three to four hours then using a suitable top coat.

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